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You have to pick the right price for your product. Everything sells fast if the price is right.

Browse through similar ads of your product and decide on a price that’s suitable.

You have to consider how much the customers are whiling to pay for your product. There’s a higher demand for the products with a lower price tag.

Use clear & accurate photos. More people tend to view ads with clear pictures.


Use original photos – Use of original photos of your products will get you up to 10 times more views than the ads with catalog or sample images.

Use all image slots – We encourage you to upload as many images you can showcasing your product, this will help buyers identify the quality of your product.

Keep it Simple and informative – Provide a simple title and a product description that is relevant to the buyers.


Put yourself in Buyer’s shoes, what would you be looking for in an ad, if you were looking to buy something?

Use a simple yet relevant Title, use of key words that people might search for (e.g. item name, brand/company, model /type) will significantly increase your ad visibility on the site.

Be honest when explaining your product, Imperfections in your product or its features will not lower the demand. Being honest will help buyers know exactly what to expect from your ad


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